Walaa Maher

General Manager Logistics & Supply Chain

Name: Walaa Maher
Title: General Manager Logistics & Supply Chain
Organization: RAK Ceramics – UAE

Walaa Maher is the General Manager – Group Supply Chain Operations at RAK Ceramics. He has over 18 years of end-to-end Supply Chain experiences and has led diverse teams ranging from direct report of 3 to Heading up SC division with nearly 1,200 employees. His fields of expertise include Stints in Pro-Bono Consulting, Quality Assurance, Planning, Supplier Management, Procurement, and Logistics. He has worked in the senior positions of several leading organizations in the world through the course of his career. According to Walaa Maher, the mantra to success is hands-on knowledge in your field of expertise, extensive reading regarding your topic of interest and keeping oneself up-to date on the current trends. From FMCG industry to Building Materials, from latest planning software to warehouse equipment, he believes that the idea is “Not to Know it all” but at least “Know who can lead with you ALL the changes”.