Yaser Al Jughaiman
Group Chief Information Officer
Riyadh Cables Group Company – KSA

Yaser Al Jughaiman is a born IT Transformation leader with 25+ years of experience in Energy, Maritime and Utilities Industry. With 19 years of business experience and 9 years’ experience in Digital Business Transformation, Yaser can be called as an adept in his line of profession. After starting his career working as a Digital Business Transformation Lead from 2009, in just shortly over a decade, he is now the Group CIO & Digital Business Transformation Head at the Riyadh Cables group. The tremendous growth achieved by him in his field of expertise, makes him a role model for everyone aspiring to reach greater heights. He has also been invited to several recognized sessions and conferences. He has implemented several cost-effective transformational projects that have saved the company about 500 million Saudi Riyals.